For Your Information

formerRecent bullet points of local information you might want to know, but may have missed:


  • A change in Ohio’s gun laws went into effect recently which will permit gun owners to carry on college campuses and daycares – unless objected to by the institution – and to store their weapons in a vehicle in a parking lot.
  • Senator Sherrod Brown’s daughter Emily spoke at the Licking County Democratic Club’s 2017 FDR dinner, saying that people voted for Trump because they, too, are afraid of being left behind. The keynote speaker – and candidate for State Attorney General – echoed this sentiment.
  • At another Democratic Party dinner, State Supreme Court Justice Mike O’Neill teased the thought of a gubernatorial campaign, indicating that he had been a strong Bernie supporter, blamed the party’s losses last year on the lack of a message and willingness to stand up for anything beyond what consultants advise. He wrapped up his commentary with a call to legalize marijuana, release non-violent marijuana offenders from jail, and to invest the savings and boosted revenue in the development of a top-notch mental health program.
  • After former 4th Ward Councilwoman Rhonda Loomis dropped her bid for her old seat, the Licking County Republicans replaced her on the ballot with a man named Mark Labutis. This alone is not controversial, however, it is interesting to note that his campaign manager will be former popular 4th Ward Councilman John Uible while his campaign treasurer will be Cheri Hottinger, former leader of the Licking County Chamber of Commerce. It indicates that the local Republicans see this particular seat as a must-win, so they are preparing to pull off all-stops to regain it.
  • In the city of Newark, the Charter Review Commission rejected – by a vote of 1-4 – a proposal to adopt nonpartisan elections, opting instead to punt the issue to city council in the hopes that the elected officials will form a charter review study group with nonpartisan elections as a stand-alone.

(Edit: Previous version wrongly stated that Mrs. Hottinger was the “current” leader of the Chamber of Commerce)

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