December Meeting Review, Tentative Agenda for January Meeting

Agenda for Monthly Progressive Business Meeting



24 Mill St., Newark, OH

Subject to Change


  • Introduction (5 Mins. 7:00-7:05)
  • Fair Districts = Fair Elections Update  (5 Mins. 7:05-7:10)
  • Summer of Labor (5 Mins. 7:10-7:15)
  • Democracy Day (5 Mins. 7:15-7:20)
  • Gazebo and Related Activism (5 Mins. 7:20-7:25)
  • Open Discussion (If Desired) (95 Mins. 7:25-9:00)
  • Adjourn (9:00)



Review of Progressive Meeting



  • There was no update on the Fair Districts-Fair Elections effort.
  • On the “Summer of Labor”: we will take a look at some dates for June-September for events and set them. This is based on the notion of “if you build it, they will come”. We will try to reach out to organized labor in the area to see if they are willing to help or at least if they want us to highlight any of their events. Additionally, we will see if the Freedom School would be interested in helping as well, since this is up their alley. Democracy Day planning to start in January.
  • Regarding the Newark Gazebo group: we are looking into how we can keep the momentum going. Create a website? Create a semi-regular newsletter? Do both and call the effort something such as “Newark Remembers”? Use this effort to not only promote bringing the Gazebo back – like with circulating the petition demanding as much – and holding those responsible for its removal accountable, but also to maintain consistent public pressure on local elected officials (reminding them that the people are watching as they conduct unpopular business such as with the Gazebo, the footbridge by St. Francis De Sales, and even the council pay-raise). Keeping the people informed is paramount to this effort.
  • Relative to the debate between progressives getting into the Party or going independent: the election for Democratic Club President is on the 12th, the Party/Club must offer progressives and others a reason to affiliate with and work hard for the Party/Club instead of remaining independent. The Party/Club must make an effort to support/promote the work of local (not just in Newark, but Countywide) efforts/events and to be bold enough to take a stand even when an issue is controversial. Being civil is crucial, but we must be assertive in promoting our ideals.
  • We discussed the emerging effort called the “Working Families Initiative” which will seek to create a network with registered voters, register more voters, and help progressive candidates reach out to and fight on behalf of the working class without the distraction of “labels”.
  • Looking ahead, we will try to resolve to make our meetings shorter, more fun (maybe including food and drink), getting straight to action (people want to do something, not talk about it), and utilize online communication more effectively so that we can organize swift action and not waste time in boring meetings rehashing the same points repeatedly.

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