2017: The Year in Review

Well, Progressives, it has been an incredible year. At the beginning, as we reeled in reaction to the election of Donald Trump and the chaos he was readily creating, we came together and immediately got to work this year on charting a course for the future. Numerous progressive-minded groups formed at the outset of 2017, and this particular group – the Licking County Progressives – was officially forged as the next step of the former “Occupy” movement from which it evolved.


No, not every battle we waged was won, but we enter 2018 with an eye towards victory. The Revolution is far from finished. Rather, it has only begun. A great many projects will be announced for 2018 in the coming weeks, and we will be truly excited to see you all contributing to the victories that we WILL enjoy. The arc of history bends towards justice and it is hard to argue that progressivism is anything but the pursuit of justice…for all.


Now, we can’t wrap up 2017 without first addressing at least one turn of events which happened this month: December 2017. This month there was an important meeting at the Licking County Democratic Club wherein an election of officers had been held for 2018. A founding member of our movement – Daniel Crawford – had placed his name up for consideration in this election (for the second year in a row). Now, when the Election was held at the December meeting, Mr. Crawford was not the victor. However, he did make a pitch to the Club membership for the unity of the progressive movement, and in that pitch he asked that we do more than simply “Resist”. The Resistance to Trumpian Fascism is important and vital to the survival of our Republic, but we can not expect to change the course of this County or this great Nation by serving as an opposition alone.


Instead, what we need is a strong message promoted by this Resistance. We need to offer the people something to believe in, something to support, something to get out and vote for. Yes, compelling the electorate to reject the Trump agenda can win in some elections, but it is not a recipe for lasting success at the ballot box. Why? Well, Trump will not be around for eternity. The people need to believe that their support matters for more than just rejecting one option over another. They need to have a reason to hope for something bold…something different (but in a collectively beneficial way).


Daniel’s closing remarks in his concession speech called for unity in promoting a vision of hope – a progressive vision, if you will -, coupled with the appropriate contrasts of that vision with the societal rot offered by the Oligarchs and their pets in the Republican Party. If we achieve this unity and effectively tear down the shroud of deception and selfishness with a progressive alternative, then – as Daniel put it – “there’s nothing that can stop us.”


Happy New Years, Progressives! The Revolution takes its next leap…in 2018!!!

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