Final Agenda for June 5th Meeting and Notes from Second Transportation Community Spring Discussion

Agenda for Monthly Progressive Business Meeting



24 Mill St., Newark, OH

Subject to Change


  • Introduction (5 Mins. 7:00-7:05)
  • Fair Districts = Fair Elections Update/Review  (5 Mins. 7:05-7:10)
  • Summer of Labor Update (5 Mins. 7:10-7:15)
  • City-Based Activism (5 Mins. 7:15-7:20)
  • Working Families First (5 Mins. 7:20-7:25)
  • Endorsements? (5 Mins. 7:25-7:30)
  • Open Discussion (If Desired) (90 Mins. 7:30-9:00)
  • Adjourn (9:00)



Notes from Second Community Spring Discussion on Transportation



  • 1) Writing a Letter
  1. a) We must unify behind a core message that we want to send.
  2. b) We need to determine what our goal is; relating to how the public should respond to the letter campaign.
  3. c) We must decide on our goal relative to how these letters will woo officeholders.
  • 2) Summer Organizing
  1. a) It could be helpful to hold a march or rally: perhaps we can attach this to one of the Summer of Labor events.
  2. b) We ought to have a coordinated plan to address the naysayers who oppose our efforts.
  3. c) Attending all public meetings and attempting to address the officeholders as a unit can help.
  4. d) We should draft the survey we discussed before.
  5. e) Our efforts could be aided as part of the Working Families First Initiative.
  • 3) Coordinate with Others
  1. a) The Newark Think Tank on Poverty has valuable outreach experience.
  2. b) The Freedom School of Licking County has the ability to help us educate the public and generate a helpful community conversation.
  3. c) The Licking County Progressives are ready to take a stand on this as political activists.
  • 4) Pressure on the Politicians
  1. a) Keep contacting and lobbying action from current elected officials (get them on record).
  2. b) Compel each candidate to stake a position and show them that there is a groundswell of support.
  • 5) Disseminating Information
    1. a) Some/most citizens need to be educated about the problem and the available solutions.
    2. b) If possible, some form of regular newsletter could help educate and generate support.
    3. c) Entertainment of some form which addresses the problem and solution could go a long way in educating while keeping it interesting.

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