January 2019 Meeting Minutes and Tentative Agenda for February Meeting

Agenda for Monthly Progressive Business Meeting



24 Mill St., Newark, OH

Subject to Change


  • Introduction (5 Mins. 7:00-7:05)
  • Labor (5 Mins. 7:05-7:10)
  • City-Based Activism (5 Mins. 7:10-7:15)
  • Working Families First (5 Mins. 7:15-7:20)
  • Open Discussion (If Desired) (100 Mins. 7:20-9:00)
  • Adjourn (9:00)



Minutes for Progressive Meeting



  • Meeting was broadcast via a LIVE Facebook video.
  • We discussed the Summer of Labor plans. All pre-scheduled events – except for Democracy Day 2019 – have been cancelled. The focus will now shift towards trying to build local interest in these events for future summers, we will also be aiming to inspire themed letters to the editor campaigns each month, and in early promotion of Democracy Day.
  • There are a number of important local elections this year which will allow us to promote the issues affecting the working class, and as part of this it will be the goal to help build the network envisioned by the founding Progressive champion behind Working Families First. Working Families First could be beneficial and a conduit for applying pressure on policymakers without influence from the parties. Part of this initiative involves canvassing and handing people business cards and postcards which they can fill out and return to the circulator.
  • With new Democratic Party leadership locally, we have a renewed opportunity to pressure the party to support working class/progressive causes. One such cause is the promotion of a “nonpartisan” labor paper which could (should) emerge as the product of a partnership from left-leaning parties, organized labor, and like-minded organizations. The goals of this paper could include: stimulating issue discussion, education about actions of elected and unelected public officials, issue advocacy, daily letter to the editor section, provide regular advice on how to organize in the workplace, open a discussion on cooperative businesses and similar workplace experiments where the employees all own a piece of their place of employment, keeping the working class informed about local business practices, can be distributed (at least, initially) as a newsletter and in online format, and it ought to provide a section featuring facts about the history of labor.
  • Under Open Discussion, we touched on a wide array of issues from abortion and State Senator Hottinger to the presidential race and the issue of wealth inequality.

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