June 2019 Progressive Meeting/Update and August Tentative Agenda

Agenda for Monthly Progressive Business Meeting



Location to be determined

Subject to Change


  • Introduction (5 Mins. 7:00-7:05)
  • Labor Education/Working Families First (10 Mins. 7:05-7:15)
  • Local Activism (5 Mins. 7:15-7:20)
  • Open Discussion (If Desired) (100 Mins. 7:20-9:00)
  • Adjourn (9:00)



Minutes for Progressive Meeting



  • The update was broadcast via Facebook Live!
  • Daniel played the sole host of the update: noted that he was just returning from a short break away from politics.
  • There hasn’t been a lot of progress with respect to educational efforts or Working Families First, save for the “Issues and Answers” podcast.
  • With local politics/events: there was a recent Newark Pride event, which was seen as a success. City election campaigns are underway, some headway on transit needs with an organization recently stepping up suggesting that they could help provide more reliable transportation. Unfortunately, the homeless issue continues to go ignored with only organizations like “Newark Homeless Outreach” doing much to help.
  • Future meetings may evolve to become more like this one.

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