Local Progressive Vein Entry: July 2020

The following are blog entries from fellow progressives in the area (NONA = Newark Ohio News Analysis by Stan Wrzyszczynski and WFI = Working Families First by Garry Goldsmith):

(NONA) “Days of Irony: Gaslighting For Beginners” (April 5th, 2020): Here, Stan discusses the prioritization of profits over people even in the wake of the coronavirus. He explores how obvious this is with how the presumptive Democratic and Republican Presidential nominees implore for action to save the market and in how Licking County, Ohio’s local leaders openly brace themselves for the impact of a recession on revenue.

(NONA) “And The Creep Goes On” (April 12th, 2020): Using an analogy about the hard-to-notice emergence of climate change, Stan points out that authoritarianism is beginning to rear its ugly head with the ongoing assault on our democracy by Trump and his allies in the Republican Party.

(NONA) “Return To Normalcy” (April 20th, 2020): Stan does a great job of tearing apart the notion that we can “return to normal” in the midst of a pandemic, no matter what our desires may be while trapped in our homes listening to the insane rantings of President Trump.

(NONA) “Death Cult For Cutie” (April 26th, 2020): Stan explores the gaslighting approach of Trump shortly after Trump distracts everyone from his previous absurdity with a new one (injecting light and disinfectant).

(NONA) “Why Mail In Voting Does Not Benefit Democrats” (April 28th, 2020): An excellent analysis by Stan wherein he points out the poor turnout for the presidential primary and hints at a warning of a depressed Democratic turnout come November.

(NONA) “If That Just Don’t Beat All” (May 5th, 2020): Stan assesses the absurdity of reopening the Ohio and national economy in the midst of a pandemic before the supposed peak, all for the sake of pleasing a select few.

(NONA) “Invisible and Contagious” (May 18th, 2020): Stan examines the detrimental effect of President Trump’s presidency on our collective mental health.

(NONA) “MIA” (May 22nd, 2020): Stan explains that only a portion of the community experienced a “shut down” thanks to the virus. Meanwhile, the few are still getting their billions and political leadership is “missing in action”.

(WF1) “Thoreau ‘Civil Disobedience’” (May 27th, 2020): In the midst of the then-rising mass movement in support of #BlackLivesMatter, Garry shares a video from YouTube which tells about how a man named Thoreau believed deeply in the obligation of every citizen to stand for what is right, even when it is deeply unpopular to do so.

(NONA) “Decision 2020” (May 28th, 2020): In this analysis, Stan looks at the real decision that the American people must weigh in November 2020, which pits reality versus the cult leader challenging reality.

(NONA) “Meanwhile” (June 5th, 2020): Stan tackles what State Republicans are up to in Ohio while the eyes of all are on the demonstrations and riots (it doesn’t look good for democracy, as you will see).

(NONA) “Official Apology from the Ministry of Information” (June 14th, 2020): Stan does an excellent job looking at the “privatized” relationship of the Trump White House with its de facto propaganda network, Fox News.

(NONA) “Newark Ohio Iconoclash” (June 21st, 2020): Stan observes the transformative moment which has beset the nation but which has yet to visit Newark in any significant fashion wherein the symbols of racism are compelled to come down either by mob force or legitimate preemptive means. He openly ponders the great and “uncomfortable conversation” that we need to have as a local community and as a global one: the cancer that is capitalism.

(WF1) “Father and Son, Freedom and Liberty” (July 4th, 2020): In this Independence Day special entry by Garry, he shares a photo of his son and grandson taken a few years ago during a little league ball game. He analyzes the hopes he has as a grandfather and father that his loved ones and their peers will live to enjoy the “American Dream” that we have all been fed and promised since birth.

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