The Licking County Progressive Vein Update: October 2020

The following are blog entries from fellow progressives in the area (NONA = Newark Ohio News Analysis by Stan Wrzyszczynski and WFI = Working Families First by Garry Goldsmith):

Where’s Waldo, Er, Jeff Hall?” (NONA, July 16th, 2020): Stan points out how our political leaders are largely nowhere to be seen with respect to the Coronavirus, opting instead to remain separate from the public eye all so they can hope to evade public scorn when things don’t go well. He also correctly points out how the Advocate is failing us as well, choosing to cover the easy subjects and provide coverage for the supposed “great” news such as the reopening of a business while remaining silent on matters impacting the local population’s downtrodden.

Invasives” (NONA, July 20th, 2020): Stan connects the Trump obsession with Biden and Ukraine with the 2014 Russian invasion of Ukraine involving “unmarked” assailants. He also highlights the fascist arrests of demonstrators by “unmarked” officers using “unmarked” vehicles.

Imagine” (NONA, July 26th, 2020): Stan observes the corrupt connections between the indicted State House Speaker Larry Householder and the locally-appointed State Representative Mark Fraizer (who received an appointment to his seat just days after winning a second term to a City Council seat). He also highlights the possible implications for Congressman Balderson.

What Will Newark Do If Trump Doesn’t Leave?” (NONA, September 6th, 2020): Stan talks directly about the rising fear that Trump will refuse to accept the results of the presidential election.

How the Lie Tells the Truth” (NONA, September 9th, 2020): Stan points out the effect that the persistent lies by Trump and his allies has had on the public perception and acceptance of the truth.

Ouch!” (NONA, September 25th, 2020): Stan tears into Newark and Licking County’s twisted priorities of claiming that they want to do something to help the homeless, doing nothing or next to nothing, asserting that there is no money for such, and then bending over backwards to find the means to revive dead market centers.

First Impressions” (NONA, September 29th, 2020): Stan analyzes the first (and, as he predicts, last) general election presidential debate of 2020.

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