Projects of the Licking County Progressives

Here you will find the various committees/working groups of the Licking County Progressives.


1)      The 99% of Newark and East Central Ohio

a)      Chair: There is no chair person as of now. This group emerged out of the Occupy movement in 2011 and merged with the Licking County Progressives last month. Now, it exists as a project of the local progressive movement.

b)      Responsibilities: Reaching out across the partisan lines. This is the “transpartisan” subgroup of the Licking County Progressives. The “99%” was founded as a nonpartisan organization initially to defend democracy against the emerging tide of authoritarianism and oligarchy. Now, it continues this mission – looking for common ground with those whom don’t call themselves progressives – to advocate for the voice of the many while the few try to snuff it out.

2) Clerical

 a) Treasurer/Chair: Still to be determined

b) Responsibilities: Handling all matters pertaining to the financial, editorial, and secretarial work of the Licking County Progressives.

3) Summer of Labor

a) Chair: Daniel Crawford

b) Responsibilities: Partnering with various like-minded groups to establish a series of events – complete with community outreach and educational efforts – over the course of every summer (Starting in June and ending in September) to empower and otherwise help the working class.