For Your Information: Labor Day Parade, Summer of Labor, and the Inaugural Newark Democracy Day!

Hello progressives! There were no regular meetings in August for the Licking County Progressives, but there were a set of planning meetings for the Summer of Labor and the upcoming Democracy Day (details via notes taken at both meetings to come this week, I’m running late due to a busy schedule). While you wait for more details on what those planning sessions produced, here are some important dates to take note of for September:

  1. September 4th, Monday: The Newark Labor Day Parade (enter the parade starting at King Avenue in Newark, via Moull St., and it convenes starting at 10am), the parade will go from Granville St. to South 5th. We are hoping that a diverse membership of the local working class will partake wearing their respective work attire to proudly represent how they survive (or attempt to survive) in this economy. All participants are further encouraged to make signs promoting unions, the working class, demanding action on income inequality, promoting the Summer of Labor and/or Democracy Day (details below, you can call me at 740-618-0647 for more information on what I mean here), and even advocating for the Licking County Progressives!
  2. September 5th, Tuesday: The next regular monthly business meeting of the Licking County Progressives, starts at 7pm (24 Mill St. [the Church Building], Newark, OH), we would love to hear your input about the current status and the future of progressivism in the area!
  3. September 17th, Sunday: The Inaugural Newark Democracy Day! 2pm-4pm in Meeting Room A at the Newark Public Library. During this event – inspired by the Move to Amend movement to overturn the 2010 “Citizens United” Ruling -, we will be opening with a 15 minute presentation, granting at least 5 minutes (subject to change, depending on the time) for every participating citizen to speak on the issue of money in politics, and will host a birthday party for the oldest “corporate person” *wink wink*!
  4. Sometime later in the month, as you will see via the more detailed notes to come, we hope to host at least one more event for this “Month of Labor” (which will serve as a preview of what to expect with a series of “Summer of Labor” events), so stay tuned!

Onward Progressives!

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