February Progressive Meeting Update

Our official meetings have been changing over time. When we last met in October we openly discussed how we were going to have to consider a change of venue and even consider altering our presentation of the meetings. A few months earlier we started sharing our meetings via our Facebook page doing a “Live” video. This was meant to encourage participation from those who consider themselves to be local progressives. Moving forward, it is our hope to encourage more supporters to participate in this process.

Tonight was supposed to be the February Meeting, but a number of things have come up. Health issues and a slew of unforeseen crises for our core members have contributed to the fact that we did not secure a meeting spot tonight. I, Daniel, will record a video to provide any updates which come to mind within the next 24 hours and will share said video here on this website and on the facebook page. More updates to come soon.

In the meantime, enjoy your time with family.


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