For Your Information – Call to Action

Recent bullet points of local information you might want to know, but may have missed:


  • Today marks the 6th anniversary of the creation of the 99% of Newark and East Central Ohio as inspired by the Occupy Movement. This group was the forerunner of the Licking County Progressives and had made history in 2016 when the small membership thereof successfully got the first ever citizen’s initiative on a ballot in Newark which itself was aimed at creating a Democracy Day to advocate for a U.S. Constitutional Amendment to overturn the Citizens United ruling. Earlier this year, the 99% group voted unanimously to merge with the Progressive group as the “transpartisan” branch/subgroup thereof in continuing the fight for our democracy and to combat the issues of inequality in our democracy, justice system, and the economy. Last month, this subgroup hosted the first annual Democracy Day event on Constitution Day.
  • A potentially critical debacle occurred at the October meeting of the Licking County Democratic Club. Most of the meeting was relatively peaceful, but things fell apart when a proposed amendment to the Club constitution to open up voting and elected officer qualifications to all residents of Licking County, regardless of citizenship. The proposal had been inspired by one particular activist whose contributed a considerable amount of his own time and money to the club’s efforts even though he is a Canadian citizen and is thereby barred by the aforementioned Constitution from being a full member of the club. The debate on the amendment quickly devolved into a shouting fest. There were some valid concerns expressed on the opposing side, but the proponents argued a change was essential to open the club to those currently without a voice in our community. Furthermore, it was pointed out that we are in serious danger of losing a chance at retaining the gains in membership of this year, let alone growing past it (especially since the above-noted activist has been a crucial part of that membership growing effort). A majority voted the proposal down with some calling for the next Club administration to take up the proposal again in an extensive effort with an eye towards making whatever changes must be made to satisfy all sides.
  • Licking County Democratic Club elections for officers to serve in 2018 are at the December 12th meeting at 2054 Cherry Valley Road in Newark. To vote in this election you must join the Club by Sunday, November 12th (per the Club Constitution’s rules). You can join by contributing $25 in person at the above-noted location (though, there is no November meeting for the Club) or by visiting
  • On the elections of Club officers, this group would like to keep promoting progressive reforms within the party and the system overall. One way to achieve said reform is to attend these meetings and join these groups so that you can be heard. Staying home and otherwise refraining from active participation in person (as opposed to just doing so via social media) will do nothing to advance the cause of progressivism. We, the Licking County Progressives, strongly urge this membership to join the Club and prepare to support progressive reforms via progressive candidates for these offices.

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